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Cape Peninsula

- History & magnificent scenery -

The beautiful coastal strip that takes you to the Cape Peninsula starts in Cape Town and the journey southwards offers many wonderful experiences. There is an abundance of activities and adventures – you can play golf, scuba dive, hike, surf, bike, and last but not least, enjoy the wonderful nature.
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Cape Peninsula is an adventure in itself and if you take your time, as you should, you can easily tour the area during an entire day. The entire peninsula, from Table Mountain in the north to Cape Point in the south, is located in Table Mountain National Park (previously known as the Cape Peninsula National Park).

This is perhaps the most spectacularly scenic park in South Africa. There are many endangered animals and plants, including four whale species, three dolphin species, four turtle species, 250 bird species and all 1 016 species of fynbos (Afrikaans for "fine bush"), but it's only a small part of the thousands of species of fynbos that grow around the Cape.

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The world's total vegetation has been divided into six floral kingdoms and the smallest, but also the one that has the greatest diversity of species, is the Cape region and very year a large number of botanists from all over the world visit the area.

This evergreen richness of plants is known as fynbos and consists of most of the plants of the genus Protea and Erica (and seven additional species not found elsewhere in the world) – some very small, some large as trees. Best known is probably South Africa's national symbol, the King Protea whose flowers can have a diameter of up to 20 centimetres.

On your journey along the Cape Peninsula, you will pass, and hopefully stop at, a number of stunning locations. There are small, pretty fishing villages where you can buy fresh fish directly from the boats coming in from the sea with their catch, miles of beaches to walk (or maybe ride) along, penguins to swim with and much, much more...
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