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Giant's Castle

- The sleeping giant -
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In the southernmost tip of the central Drakensberg is Giant's Castle, which is named so since the outline of the peaks and cliffs resembles the profile of a sleeping giant. Giant's Castle is essentially a grassy plateau which is nestled between deep valleys of the Drakensberg.

The terrain is characterised by crystal-clear mountain streams, wetlands, steep grassy slopes, sandstone cliffs and impressive precipices that have attracted lots of mountain climbers and hikers. There are a number of trails to choose from, ranging from pretty tough hikes like the one to the Bannerman Hut to slightly easier hikes like the one to Champagne Pools – separate dams where you can swim or fish.

Remember that the weather here is difficult to predict, clouds and rain can come in over the mountains very quickly so you should bring warm clothes regardless of the season.
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