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- A jewel of the Garden Route -
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Amid the lush Garden Route is Knysna, beautifully surrounded by forests, lakes, mountains and protected by a 2 000 hectare marine reserve, locally called The Lagoon. The lagoon is most famous for its oysters, which are actually considered to be the best in the world, so all oyster lovers can get their fill here.

The lagoon is surrounded by two impressive cliffs called the Knysna Heads. You can reach one of these cliffs by car to enjoy the stunning views of the lagoon. The other side you can reach by taking a boat trip to the Featherbed Nature Reserve.

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The charming town of Knysna is a very popular tourist destination that offers visitors an eclectic mix of attractions and activities. The area has many fantastic dive and snorkel sites, including wrecks at the Knysna Heads.

Additionally, you can try out kayaking and canoeing or enjoy a cruise. Besides this there are water sports of all kinds, or you can pick up the binoculars to study the rich bird life - in the area over 200 species of birds have been identified!
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