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- Great white sharks -
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Gansbaai is a small, charming coastal town located at Walkers Bay about 2 hours from Cape Town. Every year thousands of people from all over the world come here to dive with great white sharks and Gansbaai is also called the "Great White Shark Capital of the World".

Just outside Gansbaai lies Dyer Island which, thanks to its abundant population of penguins, also attracts large amounts of white sharks. A small distance away is Geyser Rock, which with its large seal colony also attracts a lot of great whites. Because of the high population of great whites in this area the strait between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock is called simply Shark Alley.

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Gansbaai offers more than just diving with great white sharks, it is also a great place for whale watching. Every year between June and November Walker Bay is visited by Southern Right Whales who come here to play and give birth to their calves. The best place for whale watching is probably De Kelders, located about 5 km north of Gansbaai.

In De Kelders there are a big number of large and small caves of whichThe Klipgat Cave is the most famous. This cave is located just outside of De Kelders in the Walker Bay Nature Reserve and here they have found 65 000 to 85 000 year old remains, stone artefacts and tools made of bones.

From Gansbaai, you can follow The Klipgat Trail, which winds along the coast all the way to Klipgat Cave. The trail is about 7 km long and passes through a number of caves.
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