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- Whales, whales, whales -
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Not far from Cape Town lies the small cosy town of Hermanus, which is primarily known for excellent opportunities for land based whale watching. Every year between June and November, the majestic southern right whales come to Walker Bay and these can be seen from land, sea or even from airplanes. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has named Hermanus one of the world's 12 best places for whale watching and it's the only place in the world where you can listen to the whales using an underwater microphone.

In Hermanus is also the world's only Whale Crier who blows a horn made of dried kelp (a type of seaweed) to tell where the whales have been seen. Every year in September, The Whale Festival is held here, which celebrates the return of both whales and spring. Here you can enjoy exhibitions, food and wine.

In Hermanus, you can spend the day wandering around and discovering what the small town has to offer. There are lots of small cosy cafes and restaurants and all offer a great view. On the rocks by the sea, you might have a lovely meeting with a whole family of Rock Dassies, a small charming creature who despite its small size actually is related to both elephant and sea cow.

Hermanus has grown from a quiet little fishing village into a small, bustling little town that has a lot to offer. Besides whale watching there's kayaking, playing golf, hiking or just enjoying the sun on one of the many beaches available. Hermanus also offers shopping to suit most people.
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