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- South Africa's ostrich capital -
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Oudtshoorn is situated in the rugged Klein Karoo and is especially known for its ostriches and is therefore known as the world's ostrich capital.

The area boasts a variety of ostrich farms and many offer daily tours where you can learn more about this strange bird's unique history. You'll also learn more about the breeding and life cycle of the ostrich. Most farms also have small shops where you can buy beautifully decorated eggs and feathers, as well as wallets, bags, belts and the like made of ostrich leather, and of course ostrich meat.

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But the world's largest bird is not the only attraction that Oudtshoorn has to offer. Since the city is surrounded by mountains, all roads leading here go through wonderfully beautiful mountain passes.

About 30 km outside of Oudtshoorn you'll find the Cango Caves, a series of caves and cavities that have been naturally hollowed out in the limestone. In these spectacular underground caves are some of the world's largest stalagmite formations. Various guided tours are offered - both standard tours to the largest caves, and adventure tours that take you deep into mountain, where the narrowest passage is no wider than 27 cm!

Oudtshoorn is also famous for the Cango Wildlife Ranch. The ranch is home to some of the world's most endangered animals and has over the years become increasingly popular. It offers you unique opportunities to pet cheetahs and even dive with Nile crocodiles! All proceeds go to breed endangered animals.
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