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Oribi Gorge

- Scenic adrenaline rush -
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A scenic highlight along the South Coast is Oribi Gorge, located about 20 km inland from Port Shepstone. Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve covers an area of 2 000 hectares and is a stunningly beautiful area with cliffs, mountains, forests and spectacular hiking trails and picnic sites.

High sandstone cliffs dominate this 24 km long canyon that slowly but surely been hollowed by Umzilkulwana River. Oribi Gorge was formed over a period of millions of years when water eroded its way through the rock and formed huge, deep and narrow crevices. Make sure you don't miss the highlights The Overhanging Rock, The Chimney, The Needle, Baboon's Castle, Lehr's Waterfall, The Heads and Lovers' Leap.

On the other side is the Oribi Gorge Conservancy from where you have fantastic views. If you feel like an adrenaline rush, you can try abseiling or rafting and much more. At the top of Lehr's Waterfall, you can try the world's highest swing, just step out over the edge and swing into the canyon in a 100 meter arc – a fantastic experience!
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