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Wild Coast

- Unexplored, untamed and undeveloped -

The Wild Coast is located in the province of Eastern Cape and stretches along the coast from East London in the south and about 500 km north, and from the high peaks in the Drakensberg to the west through the hilly hinterland and down to the rocky coastline in the east.
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The Wild Coast is an untamed coastline with pristine golden beaches that are only broken up by estuaries, lagoons and a few historic shipwrecks – all framed by a pastoral setting of forests, grasslands and traditional Xhosa villages where time seems to have stood still.

A combination of history, geography and politics has left the region largely untouched and unexplored, and most roads are still gravel and people live as they have done for centuries.

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The Wild Coast's fascinating terrain with deep ravines and wide lagoons, magnificent indigenous coastal forests and an abundance of bird, animal and plant species, offers you a stay focused on pleasure and pure relaxation. Wild Coast Hiking Trail offers you some of the most spectacular coastal wilderness areas in Southern Africa. This magnificent region is unlike any other you have ever experienced – go there and have the experience of a lifetime, with wild places to explore, romantic beaches and secluded places in ideal environments.

It's not only the land of the Wild Coast that is unspoiled, but also the sea off its coast. Dive here and discover the amazing beauty that this pristine, colourful and vibrant underwater world offers. Fishing is one of the area's major draw cards and the entire coastline is a fisherman's dream. Anglers can get real challenges, and a wonderful meal, with over 800 species identified along this coast.

If hiking, diving or fishing doesn't attract you there are also excellent opportunities for bird watching, windsurfing, boating, golfing or just lazing in the sun and take a stroll along the beach and look for shells.
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