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Accommodated tours

For those who want to embark on an adventure, but still want to have the use of certain facilities, the accommodated group tours are the obvious choice. You can have the best of both worlds!

On the accommodated tours the accommodation can vary from hotels to hostels, chalets, bungalows, traditional huts and sometimes permanent safari tents. It is not luxurious, but fresh linen is provided. There is always a bathroom, but not always a private one and sometimes you have to use a communal bathroom.

You also do not need to help out with everyday chores, which will mean that you get to spend a little more time rest and relaxation at each location. On almost all of these tours you are accompanied by a helper, who will assist with the tasks that the participants usually take care of, i.e. washing dishes, cleaning the vehicle, carrying bags etc. In this way, these tours are a bit more comfortable and you get a bit more time to do other things.
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