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Camping tours

If you like to get really close to nature and do not necessarily need high levels of comfort, then a camping tour is for you.

You will sleep in dome tents made for two people that have mosquito nets and plenty of room for your luggage. You will get a thin foam mattress (you need to bring a sleeping bag, towel and pillow if you need one from home). The only difference between the various camping sites is the available facilities (such as showers and toilets, bar, shop, swimming pool and clean drinking water). Information about this can be found in the downloadable itineraries.

Usually, you will have a few nights where you stay in four or six bed rooms at a backpackers facility or similar, especially if you visit some major cities.

Everyone on the tour is active and helps out with the chores that need to be done – to set up and take down tents, washing dishes, cleaning the vehicle etc.

On most tours you are likely to travel in a group of about 18 people (with a maximum of 24 people) and there is usually a good mix of travelers in the group – including people from different countries and backgrounds, single men and women, couples, groups of friends and many solo travelers. Most people on a group tour are between 16 and 55 years old, but the tour is suitable for any age group.

The suitability of a camping tour does depend on your physical condition, but you also have to be willing to live with the accompanying tough conditions in the absence of luxury. Be ready to expect the unexpected!
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