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Corporate bookings

Is your company about to start a new project? Are you planning a major new investment? Do you need to recharge the batteries or do you just want to celebrate your 20th anniversary? What could be better than spending some time in South Africa?!

Conference Travel
Wouldn't it be nice to avoid rush hour traffic after a long day of discussions and negotiations? Why not replace the boardroom with a lodge overlooking the African bush? A conference at a remote location allows you to break away from everyday work. Arrange a conference trip you will never forget, with South Africa as your destination, at a surprisingly affordable price!

In South Africa you can have your meetings in an inspiring environment, while enjoying experiences out of the ordinary. We can help you find the perfect surroundings that inspire and encourage innovative thinking that leads to the right decisions. Let us help you put together the perfect combination of exotic locations, exciting activities and interesting places to visit. Please contact us for a conference package with a great mixture of activities that suit your business.

Incentive Travel
How much worth is there to having committed and cooperative staff? The best investment that a company can make is to create a good atmosphere among the staff and make them feel appreciated. Would you like to inspire and reward your staff or your business partners?

You can plan an incentive trip to South Africa with unique experiences in an exclusive environment to acknowledge their good results. We plan your tour according to your wishes – an active, adventurous or different event that creates a positive experience associated with your company. Participants are guaranteed to keep these memories for a lifetime.

South Africa has a wealth of stunning environments, from high mountains, blue oceans to vast wilderness, making it a popular destination for international incentive travel. Try a cage dive with great white sharks, experience a whale watching tour, walk in the bush in search of the Big Five or spend a few days at a luxurious African spa or at a wine farm.

Leadership and teamwork are undoubtedly two key principles of successful and productive companies. Most companies know that teamwork is what makes a company a winner. To get employees motivated to achieve company goals and work towards the company's vision, it's important to build a positive attitude within the company. And this is what team building is all about!

An adventure tour can be the perfect tool that leads to increased trust and forging bonds within your group and makes all of you work towards the same goal. Travel to South Africa and experience an adventure you will never forget! Please contact us for a team building package to suit your group's specific needs!
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