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South Africa is well known in many areas for its world famous wine regions. With all the popular wines produced there, a trip to South Africa is not quite complete without a visit to the Winelands. There is also a huge variety of food in all its forms and from all over the world!

You can choose to visit the Winelands over a day - within a radius of 100 km there's a lot to see and visit - or you can choose to spend more time there. Either way you will have the chance to enjoy many of South Africa's great wines, get behind the scenes and learn a lot about how they are produced!

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With its high mountain backdrops, vast vineyards and beautiful houses in the classic Cape Dutch style, it is not surprising that the interest in South Africa continues to increase all over the world. A perfect climate with varying soil quality, provides the perfect conditions to produce these excellent wines. Typically, when you talk about the wine regions in South Africa, it is the areas around Paarl, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek that most people think about. But there are many other areas that are also worth a visit!

When you visit South Africa's beautiful Winelands during harvest season, which usually occurs between January and March each year, you may get the chance to participate in the picking of the grapes, and see how your grapes begin their journey toward becoming one of the most award winning wines produced here. This offers a very interesting and educational experience.

It is virtually impossible to talk about a South African food culture; there are countless different cultures and sub-cultures, each with their kind of food. The South African kitchen is one where the south meets north and west meets east, a cuisine that is strongly influenced by England, Holland, India and Indonesia, but one that also offers food from almost all over the world.

Besides the colourful background of the people of South Africa, the country's long coastline offers an incredible amount and variety of seafood and the country's fertile soil, along with the wonderful climate, provides a fantastic range of fruit, vegetables and other crops. In South Africa you also eat a lot of meat - from beef, pork and lamb – and more exotic meats such as ostrich, crocodile, kudu, springbok and eland.
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