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Adventure group tours

Join in on one of these great group tours that all have a strong focus on adventure and the joy of discovering new places. Whether you choose a camping tour, or a tour with lodge and hotel accommodation, you are sure to experience the real Africa.

We now offer group tours, but not the traditional type of group bus tours that have become slightly tired ; these tours are carried out in specially built vehicles known as overland trucks. All our group tours are arranged by Nomad Tours and they are highly experienced in the field of group tours.

We have selected a number of tours that we find exciting. Unfortunately we can't include them all but there are many more for you to choose from! Most of these tours can be combined, and you can create your own unique tour. Contact us and we will gladly help you assemble a tour with a no-obligation quote!

If the word adventure feels new to you, please do not let it scare you! These trips are for those who love life. If you are interested in meeting new people, if you like visiting new places, or you love animals and nature, and you want a little adventure, these tours are for ideal for you..

On most tours you are likely to travel in a group of about 18 people (with a maximum of 24 people) and there is usually a good mix of travelers in the group – including people from different countries and backgrounds, single men and women, couples, groups of friends and many solo travelers. Most people on a group tour are between 16 and 55 years old, but the tour is suitable for any age group.

You spend a lot of time on the road, but the focus of the tour is the journey itself and not on the destination. Along the way you will experience and discover many exciting things! You never know what the day will bring, after all, this is Africa and every day in Africa brings new and exciting experiences.. To allow you to make the most of the day, a typical day on tour begins at dawn. Lunch is often eaten at the roadside or in a nice picnic spot along the way.

Departure schedules range from once per month to several times per month, depending on the tour. Please contact us for exact dates.

There are two types of tours - camping tours for a real bush experience, or accommodated tours for those who want a bit more comfort.

On the camping tours everyone is active and helps out with the chores that need to be done – to set up and take down tents, washing dishes, cleaning the vehicle etc. You sleep in dome tents made for two people and will get a thin foam mattress; you need to bring a sleeping bag and towel with you from home. The only difference between the various camping sites is the available facilities, like the bathroom style.

On the accommodated tours, the type of accommodation can vary from hotels to hostels, chalets, bungalows, traditional huts and sometimes permanent safari tents. It is not luxurious, but you will always get a bed and fresh linen is provided. You will always have the use of a bathroom, but not always a private one and sometimes you have to use a communal bathroom. You also do not need to help out with everyday chores, which will mean that you get to spend a little more time rest and relaxation at each location.

What is included in the package?
The price includes transportation in overland trucks, two qualified guides, meals, accommodation, specified activities and most park fees.

Visa costs, vaccinations, alcohol, snacks and optional activities are not included in the price.

There are a lot of activities included in the tours, but you also have the opportunity to choose from a variety of optional extra activities and adventures at the different locations you visit. Please contact us for information about additional available activities and the cost. You can also download itineraries for more detail.

Small groups
For some of the tours you can choose group options where the number of passengers is limited to 12 people, but you still travel in the same type of vehicle that has 24 seats. It gives you access to the window seat and you also have much more space - 12 people in a vehicle made for 12 people is not really a small group!

Apart from more comfort and better visibility, the tour is exactly the same as the regular departures and the price to pay for the additional space is no more than 8-10 % higher than usual departures.

Activity Package
The Activity Package available on all tours is an optional extra. You can choose to buy it in advance, which will enable you to participate in all these activities, or you can determine which activities you want to participate in as you go and buy them at the activity site if it looks inviting to you on the day.

Activity Packages do not replace the optional activities available on some trips.

Please note that all itineraries are written with the activity package included. To enable participation in all the mentioned standard activities in the itineraries you must purchase this package.

Nomad Green Seats
With a small contribution, you can ensure that your carbon footprint resulting from burning fossil fuels on your tour is reduced. Your donation is used to plant Spekboom, a small tree that is a carbon sink, binding carbon dioxide at the rate of 4 tons per year per hectare. Of course, the Spekboom’s existence does not mean that humans can limitlessly drive our diesel/petrol vehicles instead of walking or cycling; it is not an excuse to forget about our carbon footprint. It is, however, a wonderful way to play our tiny part in clearing the air. It is also known as Elephant’s Feed in some regions such as the Addo Elephant Park because of the majestic animal’s affinity for the plants.

For more information on what you can expect during one of these group tours, please download the Pre Departure Information. If you have more questions you are of course encouraged to contact us!
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