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Luxury Tours

When it comes to tours with a silver lining, South Africa offers excellent options. Here, five-star lodges and luxury hotels are mixed with first class food & beverage and incredible experiences!

South Africa can really offer each and everyone what they are looking for and if you want a trip where every detail has that little extra, you've now come to the right place.

In South Africa there are truly luxurious hotels and safari lodges. Together with all that the country has to offer in terms of wonderful scenery, an incredible wildlife, amazing adventure and wonderful food and beverage, South Africa can offer even the most discerning traveller an experience they will not forget.

South Africa's neighbouring countries also offer amazing five-star luxury. You have the choice of a bungalow on an island paradise in Mozambique or a luxury lodge in Botswana's incredible wilderness. Or you can experience Namibia's wonderfully varied scenery in a fly-in safari from above.

Of course, you can get all of our tours in the same high standard - we tailor make them according to your wishes!
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