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The wonderful Seychelles consists of 115 islands that, with air and sea temperatures around 30 C all year round, offer optimal conditions for everything you could possibly want to do on a vacation in paradise! Diving, snorkelling, sailing, sunbathing and much more!
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Capital: Victoria
Government: Republic
Size: 455km
Population: 90 945 (2010)
Currency: Seychelles rupee, 1 rupee = 100 cents
Official languages: Seychellois Creole, French, English
Time difference: UTC +4
is an archipelago consisting of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean just south of the equator, between 480 km and 1 600 km east of the coast of Africa. The 115 islands are divided into two distinct groups - the inner islands and the outer islands.

The inner islands of the Seychelles consist mostly of granite islands spread out around the main islands of Mah, Praslin and La Digue. It is the inner islands of the Seychelles that are the economic centre and this is where most of the hotels and restaurants are located. The inner islands consist of a total of 43 islands.

The outer islands are located further offshore and these are divided into five groups - the Amirantes, the Southern Coral Group, the Alphonse Group, the Farquahar Group and finally the Aldabra Group. In total, the outer islands consist of 72 islands, all of which are low-lying coral islands. Because of their remote location, fewer travellers plan a trip there. At two of the outer islands, Alphonse and Desroches, luxury lodges have been built that offer high quality accommodation in unspoiled nature. Here you will have the opportunity to go sailing, fishing and diving in places that very few people have visited.

Mah is the largest island in the Seychelles and this is where all international flights arrive. From here you can board a domestic flight, a helicopter or a ferry to some of the other islands.

It is basically only on the larger islands, Mah and Praslin, that you need to think about using a taxi, a bus or renting a car (or perhaps explore the option of renting a bicycle). With relatively short travel times between the different islands and attractions, commuting in the Seychelles is easy. From Mah you can board a boat, a plane or a helicopter to reach the neighbouring islands. On Mah, you get around mainly by bus and this works superbly. You can also rent a car on Mah should you choose to - the distances are short, but the high mountain with small and winding roads may result in long travel times when traversing the island.

Since the Seychelles offers warm tropical climate all year around, anytime is a good time to travel here, although some periods of the year might suit your interests better than others.

There are basically two opposing trade winds that regulate the weather - the northwest trade winds that blow from October to March and the southeast trade winds blowing from May to September. The latter brings with it cooler and stronger winds suitable for sailing.

The periods between the two prevailing winds, which are April and October, offer warm and calm weather conditions. April and October are ideal for swimming and snorkelling. It is also optimal conditions for diving and water temperatures sometimes reach as high as 29 C.

The wettest period is from mid-November to mid-February. Generally the temperature is consistent all year round at about 28-33 C during the day, and at about 26-30 C at night. The water temperature is around 27-28 C all year round.

Additional Information
You might need a visa to travel to the Seychelles on holiday, please check with the Seychelles Consulate or Embassy in your country.

The Seychelles is totally free from malaria.

Tap water in the Seychelles is safe to drink, but because the water is chlorinated, you are still advised not to drink too large quantities.

Both Visa Card and Master Card are accepted across virtually the entire Seychelles. You will find ATMs in the major banks on Mah, Praslin and La Digue and at airports on Mah and Praslin.
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